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    The craft your home deserves.....

    We bring in righteous crafted decors for your home that needs utter attention to detail with every piece that you pick up; for our residence is not just a house but a home with strings of happiness and mesmerising moments. Happy String is not only a designer label, but an experience and a start of the tradition to uplift the lost Indian crafts. The undoubted beauty that resides in each craft, we perform our best to keep that beauty charming in each design that you choose. With the Vision to bring a change in the ever evolving furnishing and interior industry, SUSTAINABILITY laids the foundation upon which we stand strong upon. So let’s pledge together and move a step forward to bring in this change. Happy Shopping

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    Minimal vintage designs for the stylish you. Fulfil your duties towards the environment by opting for our eco friendly and sustainable designs. We provide free shipping pan India.

    Happy String- Let’s get craftin’
    We weave words from the threads string to our happy experiences! Define Happy String? Well we recreate life strings to create one’s own path. The string creates a key role of the inside story that brings social and commercial benefits to the artisans and craftsmen that can be connected through Global audience. Our ideology tends to sell the craft, not as an object, but as the story of the craftsmen. Happy String has been started with the aim of empowering artisans by creating direct employment. Also, with an initiative to sustain and uplift the ancient Indian traditions and the environment of India. Currently, we provide direct employment to around 500 households of craftsmen. Emerging as an eco-friendly Fashion label, we are dedicated towards zero wastage! (Using natural colours, and natural fabrics like cotton, we aim towards a sustainable environment.) We are proud to announce that we source directly from the craftsmen, the fabrics to ornamentations, everything comes from different parts of the country. At the core of it is the painstaking attention to detail and the commitment to serve the customers and the craftsmen and the artisans that makes their days and nights one for them.