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    Embroidered by imagination

    Shilp Craft Your style

    Away from the hustle of the city lights, where the Sun gleams bright over the deserted roads, some unmapped lanes take you to a land of beautiful tales of handicrafts. Happy String brings forth, its festive ethnic collection from the very home of the Indian artisans that celebrate the identity of their own traditions.


    Traditional handicraf & the culture.



    Mirror work kurta with flare pants.



    Hand block printed ajrakh shirt.



    A pair of charcoal relaxed fit trousers.

    Wave your own path

    a fictious classic transcend

    Happy String talks about words we weave from the string of happy experiences. Embroidered their way through great traditional stories and bring for you, our history in new style.

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    Your home tells a story....

    A story of love, a story of happiness, a story of bond and a story of togetherness. For a place which makes you feel like heaven, why not beautify it to make it to make it more comforting, just the way you would like it.


    The favourite of your favourite’s.....

    For those paws which walk with you hand in hand in all walks of your life, for those glittery eyes which make your day; give them the best and the most comforting wearables which you and them, both enjoy.

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    Happy String- Let’s get craftin’
    We weave words from the threads string to our happy experiences! Define Happy String? Well we recreate life strings to create one’s own path. The string creates a key role of the inside story that brings social and commercial benefits to the artisans and craftsmen that can be connected through Global audience. Our ideology tends to sell the craft, not as an object, but as the story of the craftsmen. Happy String has been started with the aim of empowering artisans by creating direct employment. Also, with an initiative to sustain and uplift the ancient Indian traditions and the environment of India. Currently, we provide direct employment to around 500 households of craftsmen. Emerging as an eco-friendly Fashion label, we are dedicated towards zero wastage! (Using natural colours, and natural fabrics like cotton, we aim towards a sustainable environment.) We are proud to announce that we source directly from the craftsmen, the fabrics to ornamentations, everything comes from different parts of the country. At the core of it is the painstaking attention to detail and the commitment to serve the customers and the craftsmen and the artisans that makes their days and nights one for them.